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Ilex Vomitoria, common name Yaupon Holly, is a plant indigenous to the American South East. It is said that Native American Indians would brew a “black tea” from the plant and young men would drink it as a right of passage. Of course, the drink made one vomit, hence the name, but it is interesting nonetheless.


I bought this plant from George in 2008 at the GSBF Convention in Modesto CA. Once again the bare trunk has all the characteristics of the Classical Japanese Moyogi style. I was intrigued by Georges pruning and ability to present massive taper in this small tree. The trunks chops are classical yet they are very slow to heal if ever. The wood is hard so I may be carving a little on this one before potting.

Tree had been grown out for a season just to have some branches to style into a shape. They were wired and pruned, and pinched continually since it grows year round. The tree is evergreen, though I will defoliate this year since I screwed up the leaves with calcium deposits.

By the end of the third year I was able to see some shape developing in the tree. It was beginning to have its classic form.

This one will get a new pot this year. A pot especially for this tree. Still looking, I better hurry cause it will be time to repot in 75 days.


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2 responses to “Black Tea

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  1. Nice tree Al. Definitely some movement in that sumo trunk.

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