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Four years ago, some enterprising fellows in the Fresno club though an annual bonsai swapmeet would be the ideal venue to get it all going. The criteria was simple, bring your own tables, a club member with a huge circular driveway would donate the space and charge nothing to sell as long as we could get sellers. We did, and its sucsess grows.


This year December first 2012 is the date, Sat from 9 till 3PM

Get your CaliDama here in December.

If I remember right, I was on my way to pry a better price out of a seller….


Posted November 19, 2012 by California Bonsai Art in Trident Techniques

4 responses to “Bonsai Swapmeet

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  1. Hey Al,
    Three of us from The Sansui Kai club are making the trip from the LA area early on December 1st. Hope to be there when you guys get started just before 9:00 a.m.. Timing the drive from here is tricky (figure 3 hours plus). Thanks for letting us know about the swap meet and for all the posts on BN and other sites. I’m an amateur and have learned a lot from you. Love your stands also! Hope to find some good material.
    Tona (Steve)

  2. Should be a great sale. It is always a hoot to see whats for sale. I have found some great deals there. Nearly as good as a convention only cheaper.

    Can’t wait to meet you. Plan for fog, it sets two days after a rain so watch the computer for rain in Fresno. Fog can add an hour to a drive thru the valley.

  3. Hey Al,
    Sorry to be a bother, but will the swap meet go on rain or shine?

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