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My wife and I left wednesday for the central coast for a 5 day stay at the ocean. My wife equally loves to camp in the mountains and I do also but I prefer the coast. I just like to shop, hit the antique stores and look for out of the ordinary stuff. We cooked a turkey in the small oven in the trailer and it turned out perfect. The whole dinner was awesome and we made the whole thing together right there in the trailer.

On Saturday I drove to Muranaka’s, (now you know why I prefer the coast) and spent some time with George and tagged some trees. I tagged two small tridents and two small black pines which I will dig in January. I bought two small tridents to play with this spring, ( I have a plan for them) which I will share later. I wanted to take a few pictures. Many people will buy material via internet but never really get to see how the material is grown or where it comes from. I apoligise now for the pictures I didn’t take, of which I could have taken many, but took a few just as I drove away, remembering I did not take any pictures.

Thanksgiving plates never have much color, but boy does the food taste good!

The fields in the background is where I tagged my maples and pines. Most in this area are about 8 to 10 inches tall with trunks around 3/4 to 1  inches across.

These are some larger pines that George left in the field to fatten up. These are about t feet tall and about 2 inches across at the base. Give or take….

This was our sunset on the last night. The previous one I posted greeted us on our first night. These were the only two spectacular sunsets on the trip. Worth every moment of them.



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