Getting ready for the Swapmeet   5 comments

Preparing plants I will bring for the swapmeet this year. Kind a mixed bag of stuff with plenty of tridents in all stages. A shimpaku and a San Josa that will make a killer shohin with the right practise. The luma, which is looking pretty good for another shohin.

I may have some pots also, need to look under every rock to see what I have.

Looks like rain is holding off till later Saturday night so the meet should be a go, unless the weather men are all wet!

Nice double trunk trident, and the luma off to the right.

A fat trident about 1 1/2 across

A larger trident in a 5 gallon can. Good movement on this one. just needs the right touch and practise to get it going.

This is a pretty nice juniper. The form is nice just needs someone to cut it out and define the foliage.


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5 responses to “Getting ready for the Swapmeet

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  1. See you at the swapmeet Al… im buying and looking for a shohin crabapple…

  2. I have no crabapple but maybe someone there will. Glen Vanwinkle (ripsgreentree) may have something.

  3. wow, good looking stuff. i wish i could make it down there. as i’ve never attended aything like this, i hope you can forgive the question, but…how much does this quality of material go for at these events? the 5 gallon trident looks really interesting!

  4. Most of the smaller trident about $25.00 the med ones $35.00 wth great branching, the larger trident is $75.00 and the san jose is $75.00 and the shimp is $45.00. The luma is $15.00 and a small elm for $10.00 in a Jim Barrett pot!

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