Korean Hornbeam   10 comments

A freind of mine in Ohio, JudyB on the web forum bonsainut posted a set of pictures of multiple sides of her tree. I tried to animate a post there but was having trouble getting it to stick. Thought there may be  some interest for it here.



Posted November 29, 2012 by California Bonsai Art in Uncategorized

10 responses to “Korean Hornbeam

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  1. My tree is getting dizzy!!! Lots of work to be done here, starting with a haircut and repot this spring.

  2. judy, what are your plans for the new pot, and will you keep the trunk at the current soil-line?

  3. nice pot!

  4. That is a nice pot. I think this tree is going to be pretty masculine when you get done with it and that pot is pretty soft. Need sharper corners or a lip, maybe a rectangle may do the trick on this tree.

    • I think that this tree will not end in this pot, but it’s a nice waypoint. I’ll have to look into something very special if it turns out like I think it can. I thought about a rectangle but think there is enough feminine in the tree (for now) that oval suits it.
      Thanks for the thoughts!

  5. You know Judy, that could be a real conversation. I have never really looked into the difference in perspective of gender in how they each percieve trees. Obviously there is a lot of difference between how Eric and Victrinia look at trees. Vic seems to like them softer, and Eric is all about gnarly and twisted bulging stuff. Cool thoughts…..

  6. Well actually, I think that the tree has two aspects one is more feminine, and one is more masculine. The tall trunk to the left side seems more lyrical, and the tall trunk to the right seems more bold and powerful.
    Could be a difference in how genders see things, look to how Sarah Raynor pots always have a soft seeming feel even if they are square. IMO.

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