Fourth Annual Swapmeet is in the Books   9 comments


Rain stayed away long enough to get in a good 3 hours of frenzied selling and trading.

More to come but I have to go to dinner…be back in a few hours.

This maple was brought over by my good friends Bill Hashimoto and Kora Dalager. Kora and Bill have always been very generous to me by bringing back quality pots and books from Japan and giving me first chance at the good stuff. Thats a shot of Kora and Bill with me and my new Heian Kozan Shohin pot. Kora has been the travel agent for setting up Bill Valavanis’ Japan trips for many years and this pot is fresh from Japan. Kora informs me that this is a used pot, and I can only wonder what may have been in it and who it was. Kora said it probably had pansies in it….who knows.





I know it seems that many are just standing around talking, but what you don’t know is that most of them are all talking about the bonsai apprenticeships about to begin for them in Japan next year.


This is a sampleing of what one ventder from Atascadero brought over to sell. Atascadero is about 2.5 hours away. The swapmeet grows each year and we are pulling in people far and wide.







$700.00 for a Ca. juniper of that caliber is a steal. Out of my budget in Dec. but still a steal.

Here is a tour around the swapmeet just so you get the flavor of the day. So much stuff…so little money….

















A really happy customer….


Now some face shots. Big LA bonsai fat cats Mel Ikeda and Peter Macaseib (maria kapra)


This shot…a real gem.

From L. to R.

Tona, NathanBS, Elliot, Smoke, Maria Kapra and TreeKutter. Elliot is posing as he did for the workout video “Rock Hard Abs”.


Stay tuned for my purchases soon.


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9 responses to “Fourth Annual Swapmeet is in the Books

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  1. I see at least 4 or 5 things that I’d love to have…. Must be a fun (and tempting) time…

  2. Thanks Al for keeping us informed about the swap meet. It was a good time and worth the drive. Good to meet you too.
    Tona (Steve)

  3. Thanks Judy, If I was able to let the mortgage payment and the car insurance ride for a month ot two I could have really bought some cool stuff.

    Tona, It was great to meet you guys too. The internet is such an informal place. Elliot is a hoot. I could really drink some beers with you guys next year at the convention.

  4. Great time! Nice to meet all of you !

  5. Glad you guys had fun. Good to see Kora D in action shes a good old friend. E-Farkas is a hooot agreed

    Peter M is such a gracious talent we had him at San Diego BC last month…so good, just really good, get him for your demos

    okay later AK, take care

    big Dave

    ps. no Rip sighting, he okay?

  6. Dave, scroll thru the series and look for the picture of the back of treekutter, just to the left in the picture you can see the profile of a huge belly. That belly belongs to Rips!

  7. Damn, wish I could make it had to work again. Gonna have to quit my job, taking up to much of my hobby time! Also good to see you have a blog!! Nice to see a artist I know and close to home to follow

  8. Thanks Sal, see you in a couple weeks at the Christmas party, I’m bringin that pomagranite for an auction item as well as a few other things. can’t wait for the food.

  9. You guys on the west coast make me sick. Looks like awesome material! Nice material on your blog too Al, …but we all knew there would be if you ever started one. Now to just remember to check it.

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