12-12-12   3 comments

I guess one could consider this last event of the century as a highlight. One thing is for sure, this is the last one, and I am glad I was around for this once in a life time game.

Just to celebrate the occasion I have added a random function to the header of my blog with some interesting photo’s I have taken through the years. I hope you truly enjoy them.

Happy Holidays from the crew at California Bonsai Art


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3 responses to “12-12-12

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  1. Whaaa? Scratching my head……

  2. I agree, it’s nice to know that I CANNOT mess the date up on any emails I send today. Like the random photos nice addition. Although I did like the monster juniper collecting.

  3. Judy, this date game only happens for nine consecutive years each century. Today is the last time this is possible until 1-1-3001. Then it will continue for nine years only too come back a hundred years later. It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated 1-1-1 after Y2K!

    Quit scratching your head now. Our County clerk is back logged with way too many cival ceremonies today to get married on 12-12-12. A women in the hospital requested grugs to slow down her contractions to have the baby on 12-12-12. These people need a life.

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