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The Hanford Bonsai Society had its Christmas party last night. We have it in a fine Chinese establishment where the food is good, the beer neverending and a special room where the auction can take place. Like many clubs around the state, the economy seems to take its toll and participation gets smaller and smaller. Still, all in all we had a good turn out and there were still many things that I wanted to add to my ever expanding assortment of bonsai junk. The auction table is looking pretty good and though it is meager on trees there are a few things that peek my interest. First is the footed Chinese pot. Looks to be Cultural Revolution, the chop seems right and the age is appropriate and the patina is looking correct for the revolution. Ok I need that.

Now the bottle of Quervo is Blue Agave and that will be pretty smooth. This ain’t no margarita tequila, I can drink this straight which is the way I prefer it.

Ok I need that too.





 Many may remember many years ago the infamous Ripsgreentree. Back in the day Rips and I were referred to as Itchy and Scratchy due to our propensity to argue about bonsai…imagine that. Well truth is we are very good friends and trade trees and pots all the time. In fact Rips informed me that he had a tree stolen recently from a nursery where they were on consignment. The only tree stolen was the tree that was planted out into a Al Keppler handmade pot.

Our auctioneer for the night, Ripsgreentree.

Glenn VanWinkle


No, thats not a mug shot….thats the real deal.

Rips, explaining to my wife,  the virtues of a six pack of silver tipped chopsticks and why she should bid on them. From the look on her face she must be thinking of George Clooney!


More bidding and more selling. A great night and a lot of fun had by all. My wife bought the damn chopsticks, I got the pot and the bottle of tequila.






Can’t wait till next year, Merry Christmas!


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  1. This thread made me homesick. My parents own a Chinese restaurant in Texas that looks just like this Hanford place. It has the same rosewood-color chairs. We even had a big dragon picture like that once. The foods and plates look identical too. Your food looked yummy! We couldn’t go home this year, but if we had, we would be eating there for the holiday just like that. You scored on that pot!

  2. The food is to die for. My wife thinks I am crazy for all the money I spend on my hobbies. Between Roman and Greek coins, my ancient arrowheads and hand axes and bonsai I probably spend half my yearly salary! She couldn’t care less about any of them except the yearly Christmas party for Hanford. The Resturant is actually in Visalia, it is called the Canton and my wife would not miss the food. This is one resturant that my wife and I actually drive 60 miles to once and awhile just to eat Chinese food.

    I think the pot is pretty nice also. You should see what I am going to put into it!

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