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I am very ford of trident maples. I have finally found a plant that grows well in my climate and handles nearly anything I throw at it. I have found that the trunks of these trees can be manipulated to feature any form in bonsai. They seem though, to only be seen in two forms.

1. Informal Upright with highly exagerated trunk taper and pine tree look


2. Broom Form with little trunk taper and lightly tapered branches to the top.

While I love both these forms it seems that most of the tridents I see look of the informal upright with exagerated taper in the trunk. Many times the trunks I purchase have no branches but the trunk is so well developed it seems ashame to start over with the expendature of money made on what has been taken home.


A nice example of an informal upright with massive taper and pine tree look.


A nice example of a finely tapered broom form tree.

It is this style, the broom form, in which I intend to focus some effort this year. I have many informal uprights from which to play with but this form is lacking on my benches and I wish to try my hand at growing out some of this form. I have a detailed progression to start soon and it will all take place here at the bonsai bunker.

What if……

I owned it I might take the top down a bit and flatten it out. I do not think it takes anything away from the drama of the tree and somehow make it seem more convicing as a maple bonsai.



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