Last shot of the season.   7 comments

As I prepare for repotting time, I like to reflect on what the fruits of my labor has brought to this past season. I long for this shot each year as all the leaves have fallen from the twigs and its just the trunks and twigs against the harshness of winters chill.

It seems each year that each photo has a few more twigs and that is always a good thing.


Many of these trunks in the background have yet to see many twigs as they have gone thru chops and cut backs before building branches. This is the part of the process for me that is most rewarding. As soon as it quits raining I will stretch them out on a plank and stich together a panorama shot so that more detail of each tree can be seen.


I pulled one out from the back and took a picture. The one is in back just right of center. Some of these are really looking nice. This one seems ready for a nice pot. This tree has never seen a wire ever.


There is always more photo’s from the bunker!


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7 responses to “Last shot of the season.

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  1. I still need to try a trident. Nice collection Al.

  2. Thanks. PM me your address at BN

  3. looking good! Happy Holiday’s

  4. Thanks Steve, I just bought 600 trident seeds….got any room for a new ground grower?

  5. Great trees Al. I’ll have to give one a try one day also.

  6. There’s a discussion about Tridents on BN you may be interested in. If you feel like sticking your head out of the bunker. lol

  7. Been reading it and LMAO…waiting for BS to post some pics.

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