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Tree seeds, a miracle of nature. I have never been one to grow many seeds of anything except vegetables. I started some pine seeds one year and they did OK but molded after about 6 months. Recently I ordered 600 trident maple seeds. I am not sure if I need that many but I figured if I keep them dry and in the fridge they should last many years.

This year I have collected the seeds of my coral bark maples. ( Acer palmatum “sango kaku” ). I have about 50 seeds and will try some of these when I sow the tridents.



I plan on useing a seed matt to get them going in my garage, then transfer them to pots later down the road.


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2 responses to “Maple seeds

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  1. how did the sango kaku seeds do? do they have coral bark? I just ordered some online because no trees go through customs so I stratified the seeds yesterday and don’t want to get my expectations too high.

  2. I forgot to plant them. The seeds have already set on the two trees I have in my back yard. I will try and remember this year to plant them.

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