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I hold in my hands mans greatist achievements for over a million years. In my left hand is an Oldawon Pebble Chopper. It is from the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal about 1.5 million years ago. One can only reflect on mans great achievement in manufacturing a cutting tool from a common stone.

In my right hand I hold a Achulian Hand Axe. It is from the Western Sahara Desert around Morroco and about 150,000 years old. The pinnicle of hand axe creation.

In one million four hundred thousand years all man was able to advance was to chip a larger, sharper, and finer edged cutting tool from a stone. He procreated, he killed, he ate and he pooped. To reflect on this simple life is surreal.

In this world we can flip a single switch and have never ending ease of life.

Flip a switch:

Airconditioning, heating




Powertools, the list is endless. On this Christmas, I wish to take some time to reflect on just what it is in my life I am thankful for.

Somewhere in time a caveman thought, “hey, in a million and a half years some guy will immortilize this tool I made on something called the internet. Good thing I made it to the best of my ability”!
What will you leave for future man to ponder?


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  1. That is just so cool. Merry Christmas

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