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This small California juniper was the source of me almost losing my life. The valleys in the Tahacipi mountains are quite treacherous and the loose decomposed gravel is very slippery. While plodding down a hill and carrying my freshly dug juniper, I tripped over this tree. Back pack went flying one way, dug tree went the other way and I landed in the middle of granite, yucca thorns and small rocks. I cursed the damn tree, it was so small I could barly see it from all the tools I was carrying and the branches from the tree. It all sort of blended in. I kicked the tree and most of it came right out of the ground. I got down on one bloody knee and looked the tree over. Hey, this is pretty cool. Maybe it was fate that I might trip over this tree. It had a good line, loads of deadwood and some character. Didn’t take much to dig it out and I didn’t even bother wrapping the roots.

Just took my time and plodded the rest of the way down the hill and finished taking care of the moss and shrink wrap on the comforts of my tailgate.

The tree had been styled a few years back, but I nearly killed it while undergoinmg my experiments on dosage of humic acid. I babied it and now I feel the tree has recovered enough to rough style it all over again. Gonna work on this in the house tonight while watching TV. I have only done this two other times in my life and while my wife gives me “the look”, I can take the look over the cold anyday. Besides we have a fire going in the fireplace, and I can wire in comfort.

Life is good….



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4 responses to “The tripper

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  1. So you are already starting your spring work? I have been waiting till after the 1st.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I just like to get things going. I have to repot tridents early cause they start popping around the third week in Jan.
      I have many things I want to do this year and much of it has to be done before buds swell or I won’t be able to get them thru the holes in the tile.

  2. Great little tree. I love the blue foilage on Sierra Junipers.

  3. Hi Andrew, This is a desert juniper. Tripped over and dug from the mountains of Tahachipi. Unfortunatly I do not have any sierra junipers.

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