2012 comes to an end….finally   2 comments

It is only 8:30 PM and I am reminded of the Fourth of July. Guns are already blazing and it seems I am in a cross fire. Good thing about a cross fire is none of the bullets come down on your house. I wonder what 11:59 will sound like.

Tomorrow is just a day off. Packed the Christmas and put it in the attic. These two will undergo restyling and repots. Both are due, and the pots will be reused.



If the Gods are with me, and I am not scratching from working on the Foemina, this California juniper will get a major workover and repot as well. You will note this is the pot it went into after the last work done in 2008. I almost killed it as well as some others with fertrilizer experiments. (see below)


Thanks to all that have looked at my blog and given me some warm comments about the work I have posted. I have only scratched the surface and 2013 promises to be my most productive year to date. Much more to come “Live from the Bunker”.

Happy New Year to you all!

Al Keppler….out!


2 responses to “2012 comes to an end….finally

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  1. Hi Al,

    I just stumbled across your blog. Nice to see such quality web work as well as a knack for teaching and lots of pics.

    I have been trying to learn as much as possible by volunteering to help Glenn at the nursery when time allows. Thanks for having a spirit of teaching and sharing-its inspirational!


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