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Wow! I am not a seed guy. In a year and a half I will be 60 years old. Why in the hell would I want to start seeds now? Well, these tridents grow like weeds. I figure if I plant them now and get them into the ground and do quarter as clumps, quarter thru tiles, a quarter as single trunks to chop later and the last quarter as brooms, I will have material to last me until I die. In spending some time with George Muranaka just this last Thanksgiving, I could see the fast growth he has in the ground. In three years has has trunks already at the 1 to 1.5 inch point. Five years should get me some pretty good trunks and brooms and clumps can be styled much sooner.

Many will be grown together to build trunks faster than a single trunk could. My main goal is to build flared trunks with nice bases. I plan on doing about a hundred a year. That will give me a two year stagger on starting seeds. Start a hundred this year and start the next hundred in 2015 and so on.

Man this is exciting and I want to grow some great tridents. Maybe in a couple years I will have some stuff to sell.

I can highly reccomend Whatcom Seed Company. They are in Eugene, Oregon, not too far from my son, and they package their seeds very nice in 3 x 3 poly bags with a face card and poly foam insert to keep it rigid. Very reasonable, 100 seeds at $3.29 per bag. 600 seeds under $20.00. Thats a steal.

You can contact them at





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6 responses to “Seeds are here!

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  1. Just placed my order. Thanks so much for the link! I’ve been looking for a good place for seeds all year.

  2. how will you stratify these guys? maybe you can show your planting process as well, im thinking of doing amurs this year and it will be the first time.
    keep up the good ambitious work. love it and look forward to it every day.

  3. looking forward to see that you do with them.I have hundreds coming up all over my property and I should do something interesting with them.

  4. Lucky dog! I ordered mine on the 18th of Dec. And haven’t seen anything yet. Enjoy.

  5. Thanks for all the comments. Painter it will all be detailed.
    Bruce, you have tridents on your property? That would be lucky for me.

    Jim I ordered on the 24th and they shipped on the 28th. I recieved them on the 2nd. super fast service. give the guys I linked a try!

  6. My wife calls trident maples trash trees because 25 years ago i planted a dozen or so in the ground,now the trunks are to large to bonsai and they drop seeds over a couple of acres.i find taking trident cuttings gives good bonsai material.i am in paradise ca.about 1.5 hrs.above sacramento come up and you can have some .i am 70 so don,t know how maney i can use.

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