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Tomorrow I start my repots on maples. I usually start around this time as I have limited time to do with the darkness and I only have weekends to work. Junipers are the last to go since they can be repotted well into late February and even in early March. My repots coincide with my winter temps and will not work for everyone. This winter has been pretty cool this year and we have had stady temps down to 33 degrees for a week now. Today it got down to 27 at my house and thats pretty cold for here. Go ahead and laugh, but I could never deal with snow, frozen soil and moving plants under protection much less losing pots to frozen breakage.


Going to do the old switcharoo on this pair. The first to get a change.

This elm is planted in a signature Yamafusa, but I do not like the planting angle nor do I like the pot being too shallow and showing too much of the bad root on the left. The tree needs to ratate about 25 degrees to the left. One can almost make out the correct planting angle based on the patina of the roots and the flare. It will require me to rearrange some branches to get the layout of the branches correct, but that can be accomplished very easily with wire. This tree was dropped twice last year. Once in April during an exhibit, a guy parked a wagon to place his tree on when I wasn’t looking. I picked my plant up off the stand and turned 180 degrees and took a step. Mt feet were square under the wagon and I did not move my feet forward at all. I went down face first across the wagon and hit the dirt hard. The tree went flying. I started to get up and seen I had cut my arm pretty bad on the cotter pin holding the handle into the steering yoke. All my buddies went after the tree to see if it was OK, I layed there bleeding with my feet under a wagon. Guess I know where their priorities are? Save the Tree, screw Al.

In August I walked in on a burgulary in progress coming home for lunch. During the get away one of the guys ran out my sliding glass door and used my benches as a staircase for getting over the back fence with a bag full of goodies. Once again this poor tree was thrown from the bench and all the soil spilled out in August and it layed there. I picked it up and replaced the soil. I was very lucky and it made it through.


It will be exchanged for the pot on this trident. I feel the base on the trident is very large yet shallow and will be able to take advantage of this larger oval pot, while the amaller rectangle pot being a littkle deeper will be better for the elm and allow me to get the plant a little deeper in the pot and bury that large root some. We can see how the look tomorrow.


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  1. Good stuff as always! I have been doing a bit of repotting as well. I will try to post on the nut house later.


  2. I’m always hesitant to go after reporting this time of the year.

    Mostly because I know Fresno is different than most places in its …

    Are you chopping roots at this point? Or just transfering plants into new pots w soil.

    How about Junipers? Same procedure?


  3. “In its weather…”

    The local Fresno bonsai store says pines and Junipers wait till soring to repot.

    It’s Confusing for a noob to hear so many opinions from so many sources.


  4. I am assuming this is Clyde in Vegas? I have to start now cause last year I got caught with my pants down! Thong showed too! Post um up I want to see them..

    Jason, I hope by info can give you a better jump on our climate here. Diciduous trees will actually start swelling in about two weeks. This is the time that thread grafts and tridents thru holes in tiles have to be started. If one wait tool long you risk breaking off the swelling buds and then you will not be able to take advantage of the huge spring push. Gray is correct on junipers and pines, one can wait untill later to do those. They do not push hard until the temps hit about 70ish anyway.


  5. Make sure you post up the elm in it’s new pot. I will miss that color combo, but who knows, maybe ….


  6. I like the switcheroo Al, good plan. What is your take on leaving jins on deciduous trees? Looks like the elm has a jinned apex. I have an arakawa with a dead trunk on the top that I am thinking of turning into a feature instead of a wound.


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