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I started by repotting the elm first. I tried the pot that the trident was in but it was not going to be much deeper than what it was planted in. I looked thru my popts and deciced on this deeper oval by Kaiyou. It is a textured grey pot with just a hint of green in the clay.



A little adjusting and the repot was complete. This tree just needed some roots cut back and to be tied in and filled with soil. Going over every step of how to repot a tree is not being reguritated here since it can be found at 12 million places on the web. Just have to rewire some branches and prune some back a little. Add the moss and adjust the rewired branches and this one will be done. Am I totaly happy with the pot, not really. I feel there is a better pot out there but this will have to do until I find it.


The cascade trident was also repotted today. This tree had a soil mass like a brick. The only good thing was that it was planted in pumice so taking the soil mass apart was doable. There were many thick branches to prune out and I had to reduce the root mass by two thirds. It needed it so that was OK.







after the tree was tied into the pot and filled with soil, I was very pleased with the outcome so far. I pruned back the apex for taper and wired a few branches for better direction for a semi cascade.


I unpotted the twisty juniper just to see what was in there. Looks pretty good. Wired a few more branches, moved some some more and compressed again, and changed the soil. Put into a larger pot and filled with larger particle size. This will get full sun this year and see if I can get some size.




I repotted the Kiyohime maple I purchased at Murayama last year. The tree had a large tap root that was over two inches long. I took it out in two chomps with the concave cutters.



This tree has a fabulous nebari which will be exposed a little more next repot. This pot is a signature Yamafusa shallow oval tray.


No.3 of the three little pigs was repotted today. This tree had one more ground layer than the other two did. I wish I had done one more on them also. this one went right into a nice signature Yamafusa pot. This shohin pot has the same glaze as the larger oval the elm was in last year. this one is a round cornered rectangle.


This small trident was repotted into a Yamaaki oatmeal oval. I really like this tree but it still needs a few more years to close a couple wounds and the nebari is great but still to shallow. Maybe expose it next year. I planted the trunk with just a slight lean to the right. Planted straight up and dow looked boring as well as accentuateing the fact that the crown was grown on from a chop and new leader. i hope you find this small improvement makes it seem more natural.


I took this overhead shot becuase the front on shot looks so two dimensional. i just wanted you all to know there are some branches back there! DSC_00270021

The larger trident that was in the small Yixing rectangle last year was traded in for the signature Yamafusa the elm was in last year. the roots were god since it had the major ground layer and all I did was fit it into the pot and fill with soil. this tree needs a graft to introduce a branch off the knee on the lower right. I pruned back the apex as it made the apex project too far forward. By taking off that small mass of wood, I can get the apex back where it needs to be. Most of the scar damage you see at the base is due to squirrel damage. Those are not root cut off scars. The bark is healing….the squirrels are not…..


Thats all for now. I was really tired after this round. Still have lots of moss to do and pots to clean and soil to sift.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Al, that is a lot of work. I have trouble with squirrels, too, what do you do to keep them at bay?

  2. Great trees! And thanks for sharing the process.

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