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The Art Space Gallery at the Fresno City College will start its second pairing of art and bonsai tomorrow. Today the trees were delivered and they will be paired up with traditional canvas art, ceramics and wall paintings. The execution of the pairing will be done by the artistry staff so the bonsai artists have little if no input on how the tree will be co-mingled with the art.
It will as much of a surprise to me as it will to all who share it with me here. I will take pictures as soon as possible, but the gala reception will be Thursday evening from 5 to 8 PM.
The exhibit will run from Monday thru Thursday at the Art Space Gallery. If you live in the Fresno area be sure to check it out, it should be something special.

Here are a few photo’s of the trees being brought in. Remember this is a blank building with freshly painted out walls, essentially blank canvases for artists to paint on.


Chinese Elm





Crape Myrtle


Mountain Maple



Virginia Creeper




I accidentally showed up at the college today to see if I could sneek some early pictures. There was not enough of the building completed yet to really get a sense of what is going on, but I did get to see most of the tree on pedistals and some already had the spotlights on them. Can’t wait to see what they do.


Today after work I flashed across town to get a few shots before they closed at 4PM. I was expecting a much larger presence of art than what is shown. It seems that the art work became swallowed up in the cavernous room.

One of the displays made ample use of the wall by painting a large mural showcasing the informal upright  Chinese Elm of Steve DaSilva


A deeper view with the Hackberry of Glenn VanWinkle in black and white.


In an L shaped alchove, my Trident Maple and a large Crape Myrtle are shown with some pastel art.



Next we have a twin trunk Mountain Maple and the Ume with what can only be described as a chop stick holder or a lazy mans rice bowl for watching football. I figure if you set that on a TV tray, it would be about the right height to really shovel it in. Whatever it is, it is nicely done. Really smooth and realistic and not a flaw in the finish.




The first place winner from the ugly tree contest is shown here with a pressed paper scroll.


I am not too sure what kind of tree this is. It is displayed with a sculpted piece.


In black and white


With a blue filter.


Portrait in charcoal. This piece looks 3-D



Here are the rest of the trees scattered around on pedistals.





I call this one “Defying Gravity” a study in black and white.



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  1. Looking forward to the pictures of this exhibit. The second photo is your trident?

  2. Nope, my trident is in the first picture over ripsgreentrees body. End view. The tree in the second photo belongs to treekutter (Steve DaSilva), and is an elm.

  3. What is the tree in photo #5?
    This looks like a great event to introduce bonsai to the public. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. If you are speaking about the tree with the ladder in the background, that is a Crape Myrtle. Massive tree about 36 inches tall with a 5 inch trunk.

  5. There are a lot more trees to show. I will post them later when I have the pics with the art. There are Celtis, Cotoneaster, tridents, all sorts of stuff. Funny you mention stewartia, same family.

  6. Nice photos! This show is focused on the Bonsai more so than the Art. the last time we did this 5 or more years ago it was the other way around. I am thrilled at the outcome.

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