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Each year the Fresno Club engages on a New Years Ugly Tree contest. In the first annual I was able to come in first loser, second place. Not always the best accomplishment to have in your bonsai portfolio. But there is a bright side. This year I plan on displaying that tree in the Fresno Clubs annual bonsai exhibit. It will be a great plus to have a tree named secend best ugly tree and then exhibit it among other higher regarded trees.


This was my entry last year


This is how it is coming along one year later…


This year the large field contained many loser trees.




The field was narrowed down to these three losers. A Foemina juniper, a gingko and a cotoneaster.


The two judges, Howard Latimer (standing) and Ray Thieme, discissing the possible merits of the foemina thus eliminating it from the running. First place to the Gingko due to its double ugly nebari and overall lack of style. Second place to the cotoneaster.


I have managed to place in two consecutive years for ugliest tree. Something to be proud of.

Now, can I make something out of the cotoneaster to redeem myself next year. Sooner or later I have to run out of ugly stuff…right?



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4 responses to “Second Annual Ugly Contest

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  1. Man, you were robbed!!!
    That cotoneaster is uglier than the gingko for sure!

  2. Thats what I thought too. I’m gonna polish it though…..

  3. Wow that looks like a contest that I would stand a chance in!

  4. It takes years of experience to see the turd in a tree.

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