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So….by now you are wondering what happened to the 5 cuttings I had left over. Well I did not really have anything in mind for them so I decided to utilize them in a possible shohin clump style trident. I thought about the hole in the tile trick, planting them into old Mariah Carey CD’s and drilling holes in ceramic plates from the dollar store.

Jeesh….where can I find an old Mariah….dollar sto….oh forget it I will just use what I think should be used. I went to my junk pile and found a stack of clay pot water dishes that my wife used to have under the African Violets in the garden window in the kitchen. I have this diamond coated 1/4 bullnose bit I use to cut holes in tile for can lights and faucets when they are repaired. It went thru this soft clay pot like butter.



I hogged the hole to about 1/2 inch and set about feeding th five trident seedlings thru the hole.


since I got the great root growth I figured I would plant it up in a basket also. The basket is five gallon size cut down to about 4 inches tall and the clay saucer is about 6 inches across.


This is all the roots on the bottom of the saucer after feeding them thru.


These are all the trunks. They just fit. This planting should begin the layering process in about 45 days.


I did the ole Kyosuki Gun trick by filling the underside of the planting with soil first and then wetting it to stick and then inverting it into the pot. I did not want to have a void in the upside down saucer and this assures me I have it full of soil.



All planted up. Nothing to now but drink even more beer and wait for spring. I may be an alcoholic by the time the sun gets here.



Posted January 27, 2013 by California Bonsai Art in Trident Techniques

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  1. Looks good Al! I have done this with trident seedlings. I usually take five and wrap them tight with florist tape and then wire them together with the top of each one becoming a branch. I will be unwrapping a few this spring.

  2. I don’t know about being an alcoholic by spring but you are a Tridentaholic. I wonder if you’re going to need a 12 step program for that soon. Maybe once the shakes and halucinations start……..if they haven’t already.

    Mary B. in Rio Linda
  3. Where can I get a diamond bit like that?? Mine are all dinky. . . .

  4. Reblogged this on Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog and commented:
    I think I shall try this soon

  5. Thanks Adam, The bases fuse and the flare above the pot gets really nice.

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