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For me, repotting has been going on a for a few weeks. Many on the California coast have already seen this years leaves come out and the plants are well on their way. For those of us more inland and with lower temps at night, the process takes a few more weeks.

Right now is the perfect time to repot a trident. The buds are starting to swell and in just a matter of days they will burst forth which as much power as a cresting rollar coaster. That powerful surge in growth has to be taken full advantage of and pruning will have to be done early so as not to allow the new growth to elongate much.

This tree, the Wizard of Oz tree will under go ramification techniques thru the growing season to bulk up twigs as much as possible this year.


Contrast the trident maple and a close up of its buds today as compared to the Wizard of Oz tree. These buds are still tight and brown showing no signs of swelling….


While those on the Wizard of Oz tree have turned red and are swelling to the point of repotting right now. This plant is not going to be repotted this year and probably that fact alone has moved this tree further ahead on that before tree due to it being repotted a couple weeks ago.


My main objective on this tree is to gain many more finer branches within the canopy allowing me later down the road to remove some of the larger branches that are not in the ideal spot. These small buds are like gold popping out of the old wood. when I bought this tree at the swapmeet which is held in December, I ran into Ed Clark in February at the shohin convention. We talked about the tree which by that time I had repotted it into the shallow tray to improve the rootage and the branches were cut back hard. Ed said that the tree had not ever pushed new growth from the old branches. He said the tree was about thirty years old and that though he pruned it, it never back budded.

Last year after the repot and the hard prune, I did indeed get a lot of back budding. This year I have even more. many new buds have piopped out all over the trunk.



Oh this is exciting as there are seven new branches in this photo alone.


Five in this one.





Seven in this one.


Five in this one.


This year is looking like a good year for branches on this tree.

Come on SUN!!!


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  1. Can’t wait to see how you build such greatramification on the tridents.

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