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Taiho is the name of a famous Japanese Sumo Wrestler. This urban yamadori pyracantha is now ready to begin styling. It was dug from a yard and was nearly dead. The owner had dug out the tree and left it on a trash pile. It was rescued and pampered and it responded. Began pushing new growth and now it is strong enough to begin its journey.

The tree is barely 8 inches tall. The base at the soil line is seven inches across and the trunk just above that massive flare is three inches across. The trunk tapers to nothing within that 8 inches. The bark is deep with texture and its fissures are well developed and flaky. This should be a fun project and a nice kifu sized tree. The actual size of the tree will fit the shohin size limits but it will never really fit a shohin sized pot. Damn it…its nice to have a trunk so large it will not fit within the size limits of a pot.


Did a little pruning to the stump to get the structure going for this year. Now you will have some idea what is in there. Much of the back has some uro already, as part of the trunk is hollow with bark growing on the inside of the hole.



This next view may be a great front if handled properly?





This is a definate candidate for a front?




This shot has some red paper passed thru the natural uro in the trunk. The trunk has bark inside of the hollow.


This is a top view of the spread of the base. Full seven inches across. This training pot is 9 inches across. You can see the opening of the uro here in this view.


The ubiquitous Coke can.


Pretty amazing views from every angle.



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