Love new buds on new trees.   5 comments

There is nothing like the thrill of a new tree and then getting it home and seeing the first buds start to burst fourth. That is a sign that growth down below will be working extra hard to make new roots and new top growth in a never ending exchange of photosynthesis.

This cork bark elm is a really nice tree. The trunk is nearly 4 inches across and the tree has some good taper as well as some movement in the trunk. That first big branch may be a keeper, so I will wait and see how many buds I get. So far it looks as though it is going to burst fourth with a profusion of buds as well as the temps moving up this week I should get some good movement in the trunk buds. Supposed to be nearly 80 by Sunday.









This small airlayer I have going on the trident seems to be popping as well. That is a good sign as roots will start being made right now. It should already be callused over and the roots will pop as soon as the leaves start to open.



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5 responses to “Love new buds on new trees.

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  1. Not seeing the elm picture. How ,any tridents do you have in your collection?

  2. I have 41 tridents under 8 inches tall with trunks from 1/2 inch to 3 inches across. I have 16 tridents over 8 inches tall to 30 inches tall with trunks from 2 inches across to 5 inches across. Some have spreads at rootage of over 12 inches.

  3. Al, the corky bark elm looks a cracker…. watch the drainage in your mix and make sure your pots have plenty of holes….. I lost one I potted this past Spring due to insufficient holes in my pot. I had been training it very successfully in the ground for the past 15yrs. Sad that one stupid mistake can ruin all that work.

  4. We’re having an early spring here in Orlando. It was 89 the other day. Made for a harried repotting of the deciduous trees.

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