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When I left off in the seed bed, I talked of growing some seeds under window screen. Over the many years on the forums whenever a seed thread would come up I would suggest growing some under window screen. I never in all those years ever seen anyone take the advice and try it.

So…. since I have decided to go the seed route again 30 year later in my bonsai career I will share what I did.

This is what the seedlings look like when grown without the screen.DSC_000100012

This is what the seedlings look like grown under the screen. I turn the whole seed bed every other day in order to get the little critters to move towrds the sun and in turn get more movement into the small trunks. Those seeds I planted in clumps have even twisted together in some cases. In any case, I feel that the increased movement within the trunks will give me better material to play with sooner  The main thing is to get that lower trunk leaving the earth at a good natural angle, that is what is most needed in any tree for bonsai.







They are going to get even better as I get more sun here. This week has been better in the low seventies but this weekend we are to maybe break a record or two and when the sun comes up for longer periods in the higher temps I expect to get even stronger growth. This is just a taste of what these seedlings can do.


Posted March 2, 2013 by California Bonsai Art in Tridents from Seed

6 responses to “Whats under the screen?

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  1. I picked up this technique from you at some point over the years on the forums, maybe even back to bonasi talk days. The past couple of seasons I have used it with great success and now have several hundred contorted little Japanese and trident maple seedlings to play with.

    Thanks for the technique!

  2. Thanks for the post, my seedlings are just starting to come up and I’m going to give the screen a try

  3. how are these guys doing al?

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