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Having trouble with slugs and snails?


I had some night before last come up and chew every leaf off of two lower branches of a trident that I am trying to build lower branches on. I can’t get no fast spring growth if the damn slugs and snails like my fresh tender green leaves.

One can put out bait which seems to work. trouble is if enough hit it like an infantry assualting a hill, by sheer numbers a few will make it over the bait by just crawling over one another. I need a last line of defence.

This is what I did. I have about four wraps of copper wire around the trunk of my maple. So far it has kept them off the tree. tomorrow I head to the hardware store to get some this flashing material to get a larger width strip. the slime on the slugs and snails when in contact with copper creates a battery that gives off a small electrical charge. this charge keeps them at bay.DSC_00060006 DSC_00070007

4 responses to “Sluggo!

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  1. Hey Al, you should consider putting that flashing around the edges of your benches. That way you protect all your trees at the same time, and don’t have to worry about the wire digging into your trunks. Works for my raised beds…… to see those little leaves popping, how bout some more spring shots?


  2. Really good tip. Judy’s got a pretty good idea too, though that may cost a fortune in copper.


  3. I like sluggo plus because it does a good job on earwigs too. They like the tender bits as well.


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