Spring is here…finally!   5 comments

Nothing like the emergence of the spring growth from the doldrums of winter. This is the time of year that is most exciting. Been couped up in the house for what seems like a decade, and now is the time to take each tree up one notch. We need the rain, but I need some sun also. Be carefull what I wish for….

Check out all the snail bait on the bench top!


One of the pigs


Kiyohime Maple


Forsythia that I thought was lost to the squirrels. Found it under the benches in some plants. looked dead , but kept watering it and look now it blooms!


The new leaves of the toyo nishiki trident maple. Super slow grower. Verigated white and green.


Another of the three little pigs.


Ok..the third pig.


This trident is startimg to come back around after a ground layer and nearly losing it to over fertilization.


This is really a poor picture of this poor yaupon holly. There is so much going on up top it looks like a massive knot. It’s not really and when I get the wire off soon it will look way better.


I had to shoe horn this into this pot and was a little worried about it. As soon as I seen the new buds I was able to breathe a little easier.


The big cork bark elm from Steve is really pushing now. I will be wiring branches next month.


Husband and wife….


This is an update on tripper. After a wire job like I did to this tree, and since it has only gained back strength from my fertilization mishap of 2008, I was worried because California junipers have a bad habit of losing branches after a heavy wire. These green shoots at the tips tell me everything is A-OK and I can breathe a little on this tree as well.




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5 responses to “Spring is here…finally!

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  1. Like Magic! Thank you!

  2. Everything is looking really good. We just got another foot of snow, I think spring is still a bit off for us over here.

  3. Hey Al,
    Some mighty fine looking little pigs you got there. Some pretty big scars to heal though. Do you think these will take longer to heal being in their final pots already?

    • Oh yea…they will take much longer to heal in thses small pots than they would in the ground. When I started them ten years ago this year, I had no idea how to do this. I was just sort of working by the seat of my pants. I started building small branches probably too soon, and to use escape brnches now would make the tops all screwy. I would probably have huge bulges all over. Course I don’t know ehich is worse, big bulges or big scars. For now I’ll just wait them out.

      I have about $10.00 each in them when I bought them. I could sell any of them for over $400.00 so I know I will at least get my money back and even some for my time. Thats always good!

  4. I still think they’re pretty awesome Al…. I personally don’t have a major issue with scars if they’re hidden well from viewing angle for the purists…. I think they give a tree character and add interest.

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