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Really busy right now. Trying to get my stuff together for the Kazari, build a stand for a guy in the Kazari, just build stands in general, and repot the junipers. There is just so much time to go around. I am pooped. I have not added to the blog in a few days but there is no shortage of stuff going on.

Actually the first two are the only repots. The rest are repots I did several weeks ago but just wanted to update them now that some leaves are opening.




This juniper was in a nice Japanese drum pot but I wanted to use this signature Begie instead this time around. This pot has a much larger root storage.


I still hold a lot of hope in this tree. I have invested a lot of labor in it already but I think it will be much better this year. This will be the second year on a whole new set of roots.


This tree holds some promise also. This year the apex will be better defined as well as some pruning to help establish a nice semi canopy.


The maples are just starting to push out. They really look nice in the Gary Wood pot.


This juniper will be getting an entire whole new makeover. I think it will become more upright and much more bunjingey.


Ah….Fronkensteen is coming alive. The leaves are starting to pop and it is pretty uniform in the bud break. I was wondering if the three trees would push at different rates, but maybe they are already starting to knit where I joined them. I can only hope….




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6 responses to “Recent repots

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  1. Al, do you fertilize immediately after transplanting?

  2. Just the trees in training. Trees that are in final pots and I wish to keep the growth more fine and not coarse due to fertilizer I will wait a few weeks. Notice no fertilizer on the two tree maple group? That is a tree in final pot and maybe displayed this year. I wish to keep internodes small and leaves small.
    If a plant can use it, it will be there. If the roots that take up fertilizer still need to be grown, this will help. The fertilizer is so mild it is not going to harm them to fertlize after repotting. No miricle grow though, that would be too strong. Thats for May.

  3. Both junipers (I’m a juniper guy) are going to be nice!! (already nice!!)
    Tona (Steve)

  4. The two tree Maple group is gorgeous…. Love that Gary Wood pot. Does he have a website?

    • Hi Shane,
      I have a link on my blogroll to his site. I have no idea how often he checks it as he hasn’t posted anything in quite a while. He did post recently at bonsainut forum so I know he is out there. Send him an email. I know him personally and he is a very cool bloke.

      • Sorry mate…. I’ve just put the 2 together. I’ve already made contact with Gary regarding other stuff. Totally forgot he made pots.
        I’ll send him an email. cheers

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