Delivery of the new table.   Leave a comment

Chuck is a good friend of mine. Have known him for thirty years in the bonsai game. Recently he gave me a small pyracantha. I called it Taiho after a large sumo wrestler due to the short fat stature of the trunk. I decided I would make him a table for the tree, eventhough he expected nothing for it. I felt the tree was priceless in my eyes so I could make a stand. The table looks really nice with a Kenji Miyata styled juniper on it.



Thats Chuck on the right there taking off the top of a workshop members layered maple.


Last year at the Kazari, Chuck came in first place and I came in second. I hope to reverse that this year. If he wins again with my stand I will have to see if I can get the other half of the pyracantha he split to get my tree.



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