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Bob Hilvers, Curator of the Collection of bonsai at the Clark Center for Japanese Art, brought this pine for the meeting last Thursday in Hanford California. This is one of three clubs I belong to. Bob brought this pine last year around this time and more of the tree was green. Since then he has removed all the foliage from an upright branch with the options of reducing its length, jinninig it or removing it completely.



Bob scratches his head wondering what to do with this tree….

This view is the front of the tree due to the deadwood and what is going on.



This is a back view of the tree. This side is more boring and lack the ruggedness of the deadwood from the other side.


Even if the tree was made from this side somehow this pad of foliage that turns in on the other side would have to get to the point of Bobs hand.


A better view of the back


A view of one of the sides from the dead side of the tree.



I am thinking this could be a nice side to work from.


The present front.


Close up of the branch that used to be alive.


A close up of the smaller jin lower on the trunk.


What would you do with this perplexing problem tree?


4 responses to “Troubled Pine

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  1. Remove the dead branch that goes ‘straight up’. Exercise some artistic carving where this branch emerged from themail trunk (i.e., a hallow and not another jin).

  2. Cut off the large upright dead branch. Never look back. Nice tree other than that…

  3. I would remove most of the tall formerly live portion and create a jin. Then style the remainder. It has nice movement without the distraction of that tall piece.

  4. I’d go with the crowd here and remove the upright dead branch, it takes too much attention away from the rest of the tree. You could reposition it to the back, but then when its seen from another angle you might get “what the heck it that” moment.

    Perhaps shorten it to about an inch and hollow it out, might make for a nice place to put a faux bird nest 🙂

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