I can die a happy man now!   5 comments

I started in bonsai in Jan. of 1984. Going on almost thirty years ago. Living in the central valley I did not find out about Bonsai Today until 1990. It was at this time that I started buying the magazine and filling in the issues that I was missing. It took the better part of 5 years to find those back issues. Back then I had a few places that sold the magazine and carried back issues of the magazine and I was able to purchase them a few at a time untill I had the whole set right up until the magazine was bought out by Bonsai Europe and changed to Bonsai Focus.

ohh… I almost forgot…I had every issue except issue number two. For the last ten years I have searched and searched and never found a copy. I could find groups for sale like one thru ten or things like that. Then there was always the price for the issues. Many would want like two hundred dollars for ten magazines*. While maybe they are worth that, the other nine were useless unless I just wanted to piece them out. I don’t.

Finally yesterday, I held my breath untill the ebay auction closed and voila! I was able to score a pristine condition issue number two of Bonsai Today magazine. I have read it cover to cover since a friend made me a photocopy issue many years ago to read, but now I have the whole set.  1 thru 108. Yippee!

PS, I was able to snag it for $19.50. What a steal! ….*EDIT: which would make ten issues worth about $200.00….hmmmmm..



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5 responses to “I can die a happy man now!

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  1. Congrats Al!

  2. Almost better than winning the stick, I bet. 🙂

  3. my new goal….get all copies of Bonsai today

    Ron Anderson Santa Cruz
  4. Thanks you guys for the congrats.

    Ron, one of the places that was instrumental in me filling in my collection was the old San Lorenzo Lumber in Santa Cruz. They had a really great bonsai section many years ago. The other place that carried a slug of back issues was the succulent shop in Carmel. Probably about 50/50 between those two places in filling in issues one thru 25. In 1994 Grey Anderson came back to Fresno after a stint in Monterey with a bonsai store. He carried the magazine and I was able to buy it there from then on. Grey was very instrumental in beginning the Santa Cruz club.

  5. I can relate. I walked into Grey’s bonsai store today, and who knew, Grey pulled a few old issues out of the cupboard – lucky me! I can’t get enough of Bonsai Focus!

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