California Juniper ready to style   2 comments

Tonight I worked on this California Juniper. It has grown alot since the last styling, and now it is ready to work. I spent about an hour cleaning all the dead stuff out. It had lots of dried up needles and twigs that had died back. The crotches were full of derbitage and budding was weak there due to no light. What I have now is only the good green robustly growing green stuff to wire and work on. Since I will be working on it during the late afternoons after work, The going will be slow. Now that I have it cleaned out tomorrow will be spent removing all the wire. The last time it was wired it was done with aluminum wire. All the wire had turned silver color and the tree will be wired this time in copper to keep it from turning silver.


Here is a picture the last time it was wired.


This is the tree now after removing all the brown bits. A lot of the brown is still on top of the soil. I try to keep it there untill I can remove directly to a can. My dog drags it all over the house and this stuff is like velcro.  Next to it is Tripper. This C. Juniper is growing really well now and is filling in well. This is going to be a lot of wire, lots of detail wire also.



2 responses to “California Juniper ready to style

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  1. Looking good!

  2. Thanks Brian, I can hardly wait to put some movement in those branches.

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