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Tonight I took off all the old aluminum wire and did more cleaning on the tips and removed some areas that had budded but dried out. I did an application of miracle grow yesterday and the juniper will respond quickly to the liquid fertilizer. I spent some time cleaning the dadwood and removing bark that had lost its holding ability due to the saop being washed away over the years of watering.

The deadwood was wire brushed and lime sulpher will be done tomorrow and then the wire. When working on deadwood trees in training, all the prep work must be done beforehand. All the wood must be cleaned, all the deadwood clead and brushed, and all the lime sulpher must be done. If the wire is done first then derbitage will be under the wire, old grey bark can’t be stripped exposing the beautiful red of the live wood.

The picture taken tonight was after applying some oil to the live wood. It will soak in by tomorrow and be dull, yet keep the bark from drying out and turning grey for a couple months. I have a full weekend coming up with the Kazari on Saturday and then off to the coast for a day on Sunday to spend with the neighbors since they drove the Motor Home there. Just going to eat the great seafood the Pacific Coast has to offer.


Pay no attention to the bald spot I just noticed growing on the back of my head, and I need a haircut. 91 degrees today so I am all grimy and sweaty working here. My dog is attentive to what is going on in her backyard as I work on the tree.DSC_00020001HI! My name is Roxie and I love my daddy.





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