The Fourth Kazari   2 comments

Spent the day at the museum cleaning up trees and pulling weeds for the fourth annual Kazari tomorrow. So far I have seen four of the displays and this promises to be something very special. Pictures and all that jazz coming soon. This year I plan on spending some time explaining the process of how one goes about gathering the components of setting up a display. Everthing from mossing the pot, deciding on the scroll and choosing a pot for an accent. Then the process for putting the whole thing together at the museum.

We bring it all here for you at the Bunker!

EDIT:  The new photos of all the trees are in the kazari tab at the header of this page.

All the photos will undergo post production tweaking and will reinserted here Monday with all the photo’s and the write ups. Some interesting comments from Kathy this year and man did I learn some new things.

You will learn it all here too at the Bunker!


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2 responses to “The Fourth Kazari

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  1. Looking forward to the kazari post. Good luck Al.

  2. Same here Al. I sincerely hope this is your year! You deserve it.
    ps: I plan to use your images in the newsletter. They are always excellent!

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