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After a week of problems with my modem, I purchased three of them never being satisfied with the speed. Taking each one back would mean buying the next fastest modem and an increase in dollars with absolutely no increase in performance. I called my phone company and found out that my underground feed to my house was bad. They fixed the problem and now I am back to what I had a year ago. Today I worked in the yard and worked over the maple I grafted the tree trunks together. The canopy was large and needed to be cut back, though I let it grow to help get started the fusing of the trunks this year if possible.

After defoliating the canopy I pruned it back to the secondaries and wired out the shoots. Gave them some movement to mimic the curves I have in the trunk. I threaded some larger wire thru some drip line and tied the trunk in four places to make sure it does not come apart. One it was wired, I could cut some windows in the black tape that I used to keep pressure on the trunks while they began to fuse. Upon cutting the tape I discovered that indeed the trunks have fused in all the places they touched. Many of the fuse points are bright green with a new layer of cambium growing much like an approach graft. Spotting the grafts are not hard since the graft will grow a small line of tissue and then the green will show up. Allowing some light and air in there will help harden the grafts and build bark.











Posted May 5, 2013 by California Bonsai Art in Trident Techniques

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