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During the last six months I have shared my seedlings from the beginning. They were planted out on Jan. 3rd and sprouted 30 days later. I shared my technique for growing them under window screen to gain some movement in what would become otherwise broomstick trunks. After two months I was able to elevate my screen on a couple 2 x 4’s because of the quick growth.

Now six months later I can once again update this saga with the newest pics of the small trees. The trees are now about 18 inches tall. One thing I can share that is interesting is that the one and only that did not grow under the screen is almost a third taller than those I stunted under the screen. It can be seen the far left in this photo of the whole seed bed. For some unknown reason I got good growth in the opposite corner and was able to cover them easily with a screen from my sifter. The lone tree just grew like a broom stick.


Here is a picture of the tree all by itself straight as an arrow. BORING!


Now lets take a look at some better trunks and what these may bring to the table in a few years!







Here is the lone wolf shown with a pencil along side for size comparison. 6 months and mine are nearly double what I see sold on the net. Can’t wait to see what they look like in the fall. I will select the best few for growing out in the ground and the rest will be used for grafting roots onto larger trees. I will do a better job this year in preparing the seed as well as planting about 500 this year for grow out and possibly for sale later.



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7 responses to “Trident Seedling Update.

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  1. Al is this a technique you have used before? If so, could you post examples of these sorts of trees with some age on them. I’ve read of similar training techniques, but looking at the bends and odd shapes in these juvenile seedlings, I can’t help but think that the interesting movement that is here now, will be gone once the seedlings grow and put on some girth, and eventually you will have to resort to the typical trunk chop and regrow methods. I’m wondering if it might be more beneficial or practical to take maybe 1 or 2 yr old seedlings that are still flexible and wrap them in raffia or bicycle inner tube and bend and twist the hell out of them….. I’ve found that for finished trees around 12-18 inches in size, bends and direction changes look best at 2-4 inches apart getting smaller obviously towards the apex. The small direction changes of these little starter seedlings seems in vain…….

  2. I don’t have any of the stuff I started over 12 years ago when I first tried this. I must confess that I used radishes to do the test but was happy with the results. I am happy with these results also. I am not looking for radical changes in direction, and you are correct that major directional changes will be made with chops that must be done. What I am happy about is the direction of the grain in the bark. Those are things that are set in the wood and will continue to follow that direction even when growing out. The tree is not about growing rings of wood to try and correct for shape, it just grows another ring no matter how the trunk grows. I understand about the thinking in bends becoming more subtle with age, but I guess time will tell as some will get a first chop next spring.

  3. To me, the most important part for movement is from the soil line up 2-3 inches, the tachiagari. If movement isn’t there the tree will never be all it can be. But if these are for shohin maybe this isn’t an issue.

  4. Mr. Bunker please
    I would like to get your source for trident seeds. Are they fresh and of good quality.
    I would like to find good quality jbp. My club could use a project for the new year.
    We live in Canada and it is hard to find a good source for fresh, good quality seed.
    Please help us
    Qualicum Brian

  5. Mr. Bunker
    I am new to your blog.i just went back in your blogs and found the info on your seeds. Thanks again and I will follow your blog now that I know it is there.
    Qualicum Brian

  6. the king of tridents al, question bout your seedlings
    do you cut them back to a couple nodes during dormancy to promote low growth come spring?
    will you be separating any ones you want dont want to grow as clumps i assume as well?
    im thinking about doing some palmatums next year , any suggestion on which ones, ? how bout a source? misho bonsai site has been down?
    any other insights you may consider please feel free

  7. Seeds are pretty cheap. I think if it were me I would start with about 100 each of three or four varities. Most seed companies sell in lots of 100 for less than 5.00 a pack. 20.00 would go along ways towards finding out what grows best for you. You can barely eat an Mc Donalds for 20.00!

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