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Last year I started to make some clump tridents for later. I tried one as an experiment just to see how long they take to fuse. Not long! It has not even been a year yet and they have all fused at the trunk, grown roots on top of the tile and the nebari is looking very nice so far.

I drilled a hole in the bottom of a terra cotta pot saucer to use as a tile. I used this because it is soft to drill thru and I can drill any size hole.


The cuttings I used were from the previous years crop. They were about like a match stick and about 4 inches tall.


This is the base now 11 months later. The trees are nearly 4 feet tall and the base has fused into a cool tapering mass and the nebari is spread out on the plate. This spring I will remove it and trim the large roots and place it into a larger colander and then grow it for three years. Meanwhile, this year I will start a new larger piece like Gary Wood does it with a larger plate, larger stock and drill them a couple inches a part in the shape of a number five dice. This will give me a single tree with massive melting nebari and a single trunk.



Posted December 26, 2013 by California Bonsai Art in Trident Techniques

6 responses to “Clump Update

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  1. Al,
    That looks so good! I enjoy your posts. I was thinking of using the metal clamp for clamping pipes: It is wide, it is hard and adjustable with the screw. Gather a plastic around the trees and clump it on the lower part of the plastic and then spread the plastic horizontal above the clamp, so the roots dont go down.
    What do You think? Will it work?

  2. Have you tried fusing the trunks into one tree?

  3. The actual article about the tree is under “trident maples” at the top of the home page. It is one of the last examples. Called Frokensteen.

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