Last years seedlings get their own pot.   1 comment

Last year I planted 100 seeds from Seedrack. I had very poor germination rates with the seeds. I only netted about 20 seedlings out of the bunch. 20 percent is not that good. I hope to do better this year as I have planted all 600 hundred that I purchased from Johnny Mapleseed. We will see how this years crop goes.

This year I used three of the seedlings in the fused trunk tree called Frokensteen. The rest have been planted out on colanders. I did some as triple trunk trees, some as double trunk trees and some single trunk trees. All of them were planted on an upside down terra cotta water dish used under a pot. They are shallow and the bottom is flat, they are cheap and they can easily be broken off the planting if they will not come apart easily. I have seen some grown on plexiglass and the plant was so adheared to the plexi that removing it broke the root base apart. Last year I pushed 5 seedlings thru one hole and they fused and made a great base. The problem was that since all the trunks came thru the same hole it will be hard to get a symetrical tree with a good base. Choosing one tree will mean that it will always come from a side of the root base and therefore look unbalanced.

I drilled seperate holes for each tree but kept them closer together making them grow and fuse together at the base while allowing each tree to emerge from the top of the base, rather than the side. Still need time to make the second part of the process as each one is custom and will fit each tree. Will post on that later.








Posted February 2, 2014 by California Bonsai Art in Trident Techniques

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