California Juniper and Growstones   5 comments

This California Juniper (CJ) has always been rather weak. It was dug in Mojave with all the other CJ’s I have but this one has a different color foliage and has never really reverted back to good adult foliage. Last year it seemed to do better after I pruned it back, but then the growing tips would turn broan and I would get die back. It has gotton to the point where I feel the future health of the tree is in jeopardy and I feel that getting it into a better growing medium may be the ticket.

Earlier this year I repotted a huge base trident project that I am growing on a tile in a huge basket. I felt it woukld be prudent to pot the CJ in a basket for a year or two and get back its strength and then get it back into a bonsai pot. This is what I did.

This is it! Thats all there is boys. Not much supporting this tree. One small live area on this huge trunk. The trunk is so pretty I would hate to lose it so I am doing dratic measure in an effort to save it.


The left portion of the tree on the back is all that is alive on this trunk. The middle and right stumps are dead. they were treated with preserver several years ago. They are quite hard and no signs of rot as of yet.


Here is a picture of the lower trunk from the back and showing the live veins as they rise away from the rooted area.


A shot of the live viens and how they split up the back to water the two portions of the tree with foliage.


I reused the holes I had drilled into the base several year ago when I last repotted it. The tree was planted in 100 percent pure grow stones.


As seen from the front the two root areas tuck neatly into the pot. The base of the tree extends from one side to the other filling the entire pot with tree base.


Here is a shot of the tree in the pot. It is filled with the pumice and worked into the roots.


The pot is filled with growstones to just below the rim of the pot. I left a space to backfill the top of the pot with regular planting medium but failed to get a shot complete. I guess there is always tomorrow…the story of my life.





Posted February 17, 2014 by California Bonsai Art in Repotting

5 responses to “California Juniper and Growstones

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  1. Did you treat the part of the dead wood in the ground? That is where the rot starts always. Lovely tree…I think we always loose the best first….unfair law of the game. Good luck Al! I love this tree.

  2. Let it recover and grow strong and prepare itoigawa rooted cuttings meanwhile to graft it when it becomes strong.

  3. Yes it has been treated. There is no need to grow different foliage on these. The foliage they get is thick and dense. Looks just like Kishu.

  4. Have you used 100 % growstones before and what do you expect to accomplish. I recently read an article about growstones in the bonsai study group. It will be very interesting to read of your results. Growstones are available up here but the product is quite dear. You should have an idea how well your mix is working by the middle of June and I will be looking for your blog.
    Thank you so much.
    Qualicum Brian

  5. Do you think that adding trace minerals and fungi in the mix in specific areas would encourage better root growth

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