A Passion for Small Trees.   2 comments

I started working on smaller trees around 1990. At that time I had kids at home and bills to pay. There was not much money left for things like good bonsai material. To purchase the kind of material I wanted would mean spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for one tree. I found out that I could look for interesting material with 1 inch trunks that would show well and mature in a shohin size. A tree with a pone inch trunk that is 16 inches tall looks like a sapling, but a tree with a one inch trunk six inches tall looks like a mature rugged tree.

During this time I began buying better smaller junipers in the hopes of making a better shohin sized tree. In the size I was looking for I could get a pretty good specimen for under 50.00 bucks, and this fit my budget much better. I had to learn ghow to do everything I had learned on a much smaller scale. About this same time, I was introduced to trident maples. I was not much of a maple person as I had tried several species of Japanese maples over the years. My first experience with trident was very rewarding and I have kept many since.








2 responses to “A Passion for Small Trees.

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  1. I love shohin and mame also…nothing to do with the price of the material…I just love that size of trees. Do You have any mame?
    I found that the smaller a tree is the more challenging it is to maintain and style it.

  2. I like shohin more than the bigger stuff, or even mame. There is just a charm to something miniature, but still large enough to have more structure than tiny bonsai. Also it doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper. I couldn’t imagine having something so big that I’d need a couple guys to move it, or even a forklift (I’ve seen pictures of ficus that big from Indonesia). At a certain point I don’t think I’d consider it bonsai, even if it is technically a tree in a pot.

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