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Today I bought this thing. After writing and cut and pasting all the facts about clay soil and organics in bonsai soil, I felt that I needed an even better way to get the humates in there now realizing how fast they can wash away. I had a similer gizmo several years ago that was not unlike a hose end feeder for miricle grow. The pressurized canister sat near the hose and it forced a small amount of fertilizer through the spigot and fertlized everytime I watered. The unit broke down quickly in the sun and the pressure bottle just turned chalky and fell apart.

This is the unit. It is made by dramm and come in this small blister pack for $16.99, at least in my town. It is called Syphonject.


In the package comes a mini dramm waterbreaker. 170 holes per inch. This is just a hose end sprayer and is not ver big, about the size of a quarter.


The siphon part is made of plastic but very heavyduty. Out of the siphon unit comes a hose that is used for sucking up the fertilizer. On the hose is a backflow preventer. I would not want to suck up fertilizer into my home in the event my water gets cut off.


The rest of the length of hose has a spring contraption to do two things. It is heavy and keeps the hose in the bucket and it allows the hose to not come in contact with the bottom where sludge could collect and plug up the hose.


So here it is connected to my faucet. In the bucket is some Gro Power diluted. The Gro Power contains 15 percent humates as leonardite.


When I tried it out I could not see the solution in the hose. I poured in about 1/4 cup of crystal miricle grow plant food. The blue brown color now showed up in the hose and I could see the solution being injected right into my bonsai watering wand. I didn’t use the water breaker that came with it since my regular Yoshiaki waterbreaker worked really well.


It takes me about 15 minutes to water all my trees by hand. I started with about three gallons in the bucket for a trial and you can see that I used about two inches worth of solution from the bucket for my 15 minutes of watering. I think fertilizing while watering will be the ticket since now I can dilute it to mild conditions and keep it fertilized daily. I’ll let you know how this works in a few months when I can see some difference.



2 responses to “Man, this thing sucks!

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  1. What have been your observations with humates? From what I can gather a special process (chemical or organical) is needed to extract the humic and fulvic acids (in particular) from the powder, before a plant can be able to uptake it.
    In its powdered form it will just wash right through without having any effect….?

    • Humates are not fertilizer. The plants do not uptake humates. Humates are added to soil to help reverse the polarity of the soil to allow fertilizer ions to stick to it rather than be repelled. Powdered form or liquid form makes no difference, it works well either way.

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