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This tree, Tripper was due to be repotted this season. I felt the tree while growing very well and developing some pretty good foliage prior to the massive devastating squirrel attack would do better in a slightly larger pot. I looked over my pottery and found one I thought would do the job. The squirrels chewed through a large root on the back side of the tree. It was the pipe line that fed the live vein that can be seen at the top of the tree behind the deadwood and then jutting to the right. That is where i cut off the dead portion…sorry no before pic. It is easy to see it had no top.


Here is a shot of the new pot before the repotting. It is slightly larger giving the tree about 10% more room.


I sifted out the Keppler mix for the largest particles. These are around 8mm.


This is a view of the roots. There were some stuck in the drainage holes that broke away during removal of the tree. I still had a 50% improvement over the last time it was repotted.


This is the tree wired into the pot, backfilled with soil and a new top styled into place that only needs to grow now. If the squirrels will stay away I should be able to restyle the tree again next year and define the branches better.



Posted March 13, 2014 by California Bonsai Art in Repotting

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