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Last week was the worst. It actually started the week before when I called Steve DaSilva, the managing liason between the Japanese Garden in Fresno where the yearly bonsai show is held. I told him I did not feel well and would not be showing trees. My wife is also still undergoing Chemo treatments and I still need to provide meals for her daily.

The show was on April 12, 13, on Tuesday the 15 I went to bed only to be jolted awake by acute pain in my left kidney, 2:30 AM. My wife is of no help to me since she has the strength of a door mouse right now, so I get my self dressed all the while writhing in pain. I get about a block from the house with barf bag in hand and get to the stop sign when here comes the retching. Bamo! all over my shirt. Now totally disgusted with myself, I turn around and head back home. get cleaned up and change my clothes. Back to the emergency room. Get there, wow! no one in the place. I get right in.

They start with an IV, draw some blood and right away with some pain-killer. Works great. They need a urine sample. Sorry guys, dry well. They told me not to worry we will just hang another bag and double the drip and I will be peeing in no time. WRONG!

Nurse comes in and tells me they really need the sample. I tell them I don’t really need to pee. They tell me “Vee have vays”…Like thats gonna do the trick, like I been holding out on them or something. They come back and now he has a plastic bag which he tears open in front of me. I can only now understand what that dude feel like when he gets strapped to the waterboard. Well long story short, in goes the catheter. Now I have never had a catheter, and I never wanted to have a catheter. Now I know why. That particular piece of plumbing is for outflow not inflow.

They get what they need and pull the catheter out. What a relief. Down for  CT scan and I have a 3mm stone already in my ureter. Should pass tomorrow. They give me a shot for the road and release me if I have someone to drive. My next door neighbor is there in 5 minutes as now it is 6:30AM and he works five minutes away. He gets me home. I am on vicodin for the next few hours. It doesn’t pass. I get some sleep as it has probably passed on to the bladder and just not found its way out yet. Next morning I start peeing on my own. About five trips to the bathroom around noon time out pops a 3mm baby stone.


Hmm..I’m thinkin great, two days off work and I can be back by Friday. Around noon Thursday I start feeling really bad in the gut. My abdoman is screaming and I can’t pee. Crap! Back down to the emergency room and this time I know exactly what they are going to do. Here comes the nurse with that damn pastic sack he rips open and all these parts fall out on my legs. He starts putting this thing together like a new sprinkler system and tells me he is going to lube things up.( This is new to me. I don’t remember anything about lube the day before.) Well lets just say that this time things went in a little easier. They put about a roll of tape on this thing and strap it to my leg, real fashionable. They tell me how to shower and if I have any more trouble to just call….yea right.

So now it’s Sunday, Easter Sunday, and I still have this plastic torture device stuck inside me. They tell me they will leave it there till Friday, but I got news for them, this thing will be out by Tuesday if I have to yank it out myself.

The bag has been reversed so as not to gross everyone out.



I hope next week is better. I have lots to do with the tree, many are overgrown right now due to medical complications. The good news is I feel better and my wife had her last Chemo on Thursday. We are hoping to go out of town some time this month for like four days or so. We will see how that pans out.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday with the family, I know I didn’t.

Cheers from the Bunker




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7 responses to “Bad, bad week.

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  1. My Dear Al,
    I felt so bad when I started reading…real bud…but as I continued as usual you made me laugh again. I was so worried but when You showed me the spirit with which you are taking all this…I new you will be fine, and hope all the worse is behind you. Just wish you all the best, and try to find something positive in the experience…like now you are collecting fertilizer for your trees…BTW I read is very good. Or that it could have been worse…like prostate problems and you would have to wear the fashionable device for much longer.
    I hope you did not forget to wear the ping thongs….and I wish I was near so we can have a good laugh about it and help if I can.
    Cheer up and get well soon.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. In fact that you mention it, I was taking a capsule called xyrtec for allergies and dry cough and it had a rection with the pain medicine I got in the emergency room. That fell into my prostate and it swoll up shuting down the urine flow. I should be good as new by Wednesday and back to posting. Thanks for the sweet words and I always need help with my thong…..

  3. Get well soon Smoke

  4. Al, I was working out of town this week, but YOU COULD HAVE CALLED ME! I probably could have helped a bit with the logistics at least. Sorry buddy.

    • I knew you as a surgeon would find some humor at my expense. What an ordeal to go thru with something so small. To top things off, I found out Monday that the six plex apartments I am putting back together had all the no.12 copper stolen out of them Sun. night. “Life is like a box a chocolates, you never know what your goin to get”.

  5. Get well soon buddy!
    By the way, does that kidney stone work better than turface?

    • Hi Max, Well, I been battling them since 1992 about every three to four year like clock work. I have a bottle with about 30 stones in it and I keep telling my wife I am going to make her a ring with them all set in it on our 50th anniversary. I may have enough in a few years to try a shohin in them, actually some of the stones are larger than turface. That reminds me its time to drink some water.

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