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First I have to say thank you to all those that click here each day or subscribe to the blog. Traffic is still high and I am deeply appreciative of those that have sent me emails and well wishes for my wife as I have been absent from the blog and the forum.

My wife continues to get stronger daily and as this continues it allows me more time to catch up on the forum, the blog, and most importantly the maintenance tasks of my trees. My wife started the process of cancer treatment in September of 2013. She underwent a single mastectomy in Oct. and started her chemo treatments. Six months later the chemo is done and now she is in the third week of six weeks of radiation. While transitioning between chemo and radiation, she had a large basel cell carcenoma removed from the side of her face. The biopsy was about the size of a nickle but the surgery required a silver dollar or larger wound to get the clean margins they wanted from pathology. 72 stiches later, she is doing well, and the wound has all but disappeared.





Around Memorial Day weekend, my wife asked  if we could get out of the house. She had cabin fever and all I could think about was “The Shining”. We packed up the car with a cooler and set off for the big trees. We passed a few fruit stands along the way and I stopped to buy some fruit to eat on the way up the hill. Kings Canyon Park is about 55 miles from my house and it is an easy 75 minute drive.


As I walk thru the park it it always a treat to see these trees close up. To peer into the tops of the trees and look at branches that stick out from the tree hundreds of feet and are fully any where from 8 to 20 feet across. Thats just a branch.







Heres a look at some of those giant branches.










This tree fell in 1914. It was rotted all the way to the top right thru the center of the tree.


This is the other end of the fallen tree.


This is a good shot of those lightning struck tops that Naka, and everyone after him, liked to do to upright junipers.



More close ups with my camera of those huge branches up there.



This branch grew downward, then made a u-turn and grew straight up.


My wife and I are hardly much contrast for these trees since we have considerable girth also.


My wife says: get a picture of me with my wound and bald head by a big tree so I can laugh at it later.


Here ya go sweety.



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7 responses to “One more month to go

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  1. I can play a little keyboard, if she can’t play any instrument, she could still be the front for my new punk band. Love the look, many try but few can be so authentic!
    Glad it’s almost over. Cheers to both of you.

  2. Thoughts , prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Get well soon Mrs Smoke. All the best from a UK bonsai enthusiast lurking on BNut x

  4. Best wishes and prayers from Africa…Hope all is behind you both.

  5. Glad to see you both out and about t!

  6. Welcome back Al, Prayers for you and your wife!!

  7. Nice post.

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