Still way too hot to work on trees.   7 comments

Still way too hot but I do manage to get an hour or two in when it is in the low 90’s in the evening. I went on vacation for a week, two weeks ago.

Got home on Friday and looked at my trees. Everything looked good…er… whats this two did not look so good. I had all the trees on an automatic sprinkler system and it worked well except two trees were shaded out by branches from other trees and they did not get as watered as they should.


Here are the two trees that suffered damage. First is the ugly elm.








The other tree was a large trident. There are a few leaves out at the ends of the branches that may make it. Only time will tell now.






Will post back when I see anything worth posting about these two…..










Posted August 26, 2014 by California Bonsai Art in Uncategorized

7 responses to “Still way too hot to work on trees.

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  1. Ouch! That is painful! I hope they pull through for you.

  2. Dang! That elm is one of my favorites you’ve posted.

  3. Al, Iove that ugly elm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How cheap?

  5. Is it a goner?

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