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I think everyone is familiar with the club monthly meeting. Business for an hour and then get to work on trees, ask for ideas and help. walk around and look at other people’s trees and ask questions. It’s a good day and even though you may only get to work for an hour or two on a tree, its relaxing and fun and away from home for three hours.


I took my camera to see what might pop up for picture-taking. There were some real killer trees being worked on. This pine was plucked and wired today.


An old San Jose was cleaned of old needles and prepared for wire.


This is a ragged old California Juniper


This white pine was brought as an extra for someone to work on that didn’t have a tree.


This old procumbens is from the same guy who had the tree I recently styled into a bunjin. I asked if this one was for sale and he told me that he may get rid of it so I will stay on this one. They tidied up the top, removed some branches and applied some wire.



This is an old Sierra Juniper. It was dug about 15 years ago and is in the process of being wired. It is currently about half wired. Still a long way to go.





Look at the wire in this photo compared to the next one.


Probably enough wire on this to go to the moon and back.




I took this tree today. I took it because it had been cut back late in the year. It had only received this one cutting all year. It started out slow due to snails early on at spring bud break and was slow to get started. It finally bounced back around April and then started to elongate. Health issue with my wife kept me in the house most of the summer and I did not really get out in the yard to start pruning till around the middle of July.



This was after two-hour work removing heavy places and long shoots. I still have the top 10 percent to do.


Here is the top of the tree. There is a problem here. This heavy apex needs to be cut out now. I should have cut it out last year since when looking back on pictures from last year I can see how this started, and due to being in the top of the tree, it really swelled this year with no pruning.


This is what I cut out today.


I suffered today doing all this small tip work on this trident trying to clean triples and pruning places where clusters of twigs needed to be reduced. Rather than use concave cutters I always clean out these places with knob cutters because they do not split the wood. Concave cutters will split branchlets in half due to the cutting motion of the blades. They work like wedges and push the wood away splitting it in the process where knob cutters shave wood away like a knife or chisel. I went to the bonsai nursery in town and found these small shohin sized knob cutters. My reg size 8″ are on top.


They don’t look that much different since they are only about 1.5 inches shorter, but the loop is smaller and the width of the cutting edge is about 3/8 inch instead of the 5/8″ I was using. I will use these tomorrow and clean up the top. Should be able to really get in there without breaking small twigs with the giant pruners.




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  1. IF our club meetings were like that, I would go. Tree is looking good, please post a follow up once the top is solved.


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