Throwback Thursday – My First Tree   1 comment

The year was 1984. My bride and I had just been married. Reno, Nevada, and we started our honeymoon. First stop, drive across California to Santa Cruz. Prior to our marriage, one of the places we liked to travel to was Santa Cruz. We enjoyed the Boardwalk and the rollar coaster. One of the places we would always travel to was San Lorenzo Lumber Company. They had a very large nursery there and my new bride was into begonia’s of all types. Of course she liked the fiberous type which do not grow very well in Fresno. Of course she still bought them anyway, which always gave us a reason to go back for more.

While at the nursery I found some bonsai. They had a very nice display full of trees. Hundreds of trees. They carried pots and Bonsai Today magazine. It was here that I was able to later fill in my collection of the magazine because they carried back issues. I picked out a bonsai, an Atlas Cedar and took it with me. I also bought a book, which I still have. The tree….not so much….





Posted November 13, 2014 by California Bonsai Art in Throwback Thursday

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Important reminder that everyone starts somewhere and to also look how far you can go. Did you ever imagine bonsai would take you where it has? Nice first tree, I’m impressed you have a pic!

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