Michael Hagedorn, the early years.   Leave a comment


This Bio from his blog:

Michael Hagedorn:

—Found a Sunset Bonsai book in a library at age 15, which eventually led to an apprenticeship under Kokufu and Prime Minister award-winning bonsai master Shinji Suzuki of Nagano, Japan in 2003

—Returned in 2006 with enough unlikely material to write the book Post-Dated: The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk, a whimsical/philosophic take on apprenticing as a foreigner

—Actively teaches at home and abroad such as Germany and South Africa, maintains client trees, is currently nibbling on a couple more books, and blogs weekly at www.crataegus.com

—Has an MFA from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and made bonsai containers in the 1990’s under the name ‘Crataegus Bonsai Containers’nday…the full story only available following beer or wine

—Is a founding member of the Portland Bonsai Village, an organization of bonsai professionals in the Northwestern USA that fosters the educational and economic wellbeing of our bonsai community

—Outside of professional life, Michael might be found in a yoga studio, dancing in a ballroom, or kayaking near Portland, Oregon, USA

I first ran into Michael at the bi-annual shohin seminar in Santa Nella Ca. in 1996. He was there from Arizona, where he lived at the time selling his pots at the venue. Looks like a little kid here.


I purchased this pot then, it was around $14.00.


micheal hagadorn

At a BIB ( Bay Island Bonsai) exhibit in 2009 signing books.



In 2010, Michael was part of the Oregon Posse to headline at GSBF Convention in Sacramento. I believe he is working on a spruce for his demo. I wonder how many pairs of tan pants and brown long sleeve shirts he has?



Answering questions about his demo and the life expectantcy of a spruce in the 149 seperate micro climates in California. I





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