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Some may have noticed an uptick in my posting at the bunker recently. This is due to a little more free time. Not so much during the day but in the evenings I am able to sit at the computer and pound away. Last year was hard on my wife with the diagnosis of breast cancer. She had only retired in March of 2013 and recieved the bad news in August. I had to pick up all the cleaning, cooking shopping and medical duties during that first couple months with hoses and tubes sticking out of her.

This picture is on Oct. 1, 2013 in the recovery room after the removal of her breast. During the surgery her brother died. There were only the two kids. I asked her why she held up one finger? She said ” I am the only one left, I only have one boob, and they took it on the first!”


The funeral was held off as long as possible so my wife could go. She still had hoses sticking out of her, but she was determined to go. He was a NASCAR fan, as was my wife. He liked Earnhardt and she liked Gordon, you know what Christmas was like at my house with those two fighting.


The next door neighbor cut my wifes hair down to a nub. It was falling out by gobs after the start of chemo.


Some people at the hospital knit these caps for the patients and this was my wifes favorite cap. We can’t find it still today, she lost it after a week. Chemo brain. Look it up.


The first three months of chemo was every three weeks. During the good weeks she still had time for her favs, the Giants.


In Nov. of 2013 we managed to get away for the day and drove to the coast. We love Morro Bay and managed to eat at our favorite place, Dorn’s.



Here my wife tried to do some grocery shopping. Ever see the Shining, well after being home cooped up for two months and even though she had no strength to walk, she tried this motorized buggy. Her smoothie didn’t make the cut. Thats her pissed face since I was literally cracking up!


At the beginning of this ordeal my wife was heartbroken over the fact that her granddaughter was going to have her first babies, and she wouldn’t be there for the birth.

. Thats a selfie of the two of us with the critters. My wife had to time any contact with the children due to them getting shots. My wife had no immune system and even measles would probably have made life hell.


We were able to get one more trip in before the weekly chemo started. This is where all life went to Hell. For her and me. Fully bald now and I told her she would hate herself if she didn’t have at least one photo of herself bald.


During the change to weekly chemo she had a skin cancer removed from her cheek. It was about the size of a dime, but after surgery they really had to open her up. 72 stiches.


There would be 12 weekly treatments of chemo and we found time to go to Morro Bay again, and eat at Dorn’s. Three more to go.


In the chemo center getting her tenth treatment. Only two more to go. Nice wig, looks pretty much like her hair except for color.


During the brief vacation between Chemo and radiation, we were able to take a trip to Columbia Ghost Town. I purchased this lovely hat there. Nice racoon head on the front of that. Real head too.


After a few weeks the radiation started. My wife decided to try a scarf. I think it looks jazzy. She Czech so I knew there was some gypsy in there somewhere.


During the radiation the hair started to come back. This was a real turning point for my wife. She loves her hair. She was so afraid it wouldn’t come back.


The biggest milestone of all. The twins turned one yesterday. Novenber 22, 2014. We were at the pizza parlor and this was their play cake. I think they really liked it. Boy and a girl, Joy on the right and Jaxon on the left.


Greatgrandma helping with cleanup. The scar is not even visable on her cheek. i still can’t find it after it healed.


Thanks everyone that stayed with the blog during the hard times when I didn’t post anything for months. Yippee!



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  1. So happy for you both. And your family!

  2. Fantastic news Al! I truly hope that you two have many more happy and healthy years together. She seems to be a very strong lady and glad that everything worked out.

  3. Great news ! Happy Thanksgiving

  4. The best news possible. Very happy for you two.

  5. good news,may god continue to bless you both.

  6. Congrats, Al. That’s truly something to be thankful for this Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thanks to you all with the well wishes. My wife looked at this late last night as she had not seen it nor did she know what I was doing. She was very impressed that I had kept up a log of her progress and took the time to post it here. Shes still looking for that green beanie.

  8. That is awesome, Al. I am so glad to hear that she pulled through it all!!! I had been keeping up with your posts on your blog and was hoping that all was going well. Tell her that I really liked the ‘coon hat.


  9. I’m really happy your wife is much better – it must have been a terrible strain on both of you. Also thanks goes to you Smoke for a fab blog 🙂 I know why you took over the cooking duties in those first couple of months – an excuse to invest in several hundred colanders (purely for culinary reasons of course!). Best wishes from a UK bonsai holic, Pash

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