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I must apologise, but due to this being the first Thursday since Christmas  in which I missed a Thursday, and then New Years  I went back for more surgery. I am well now and I wish to make it up. This is the pics of the first Hinoki cypress I ever had. It was also the last Hinoki Cypress I would ever have. While the species is beautiful and I wish I could keep them, my summer heat turned out to be just too much for the tree to handle.

I received the tree from my wife for Christmas 1993. That year she spent a bundle on bonsai stuff for me , buying three Tokoname pots and this tree. I had seen the tree a few weeks prior in a nursery. The tree came balled and bagged in the 20 gallon nursery container. I think it was marked about $135.00 dollars if I remember.

I began working on the tree and did some jins and a jinned top. The tree had three trunks and I wished to utilize all of them. During this time I was not much into wiring every little branch and it showed in this tree.

This was the tree as it was when purchased in 1993


I began working on the tree and started with removing lower branches I would not need and turning the stubs to jin.


Working on the tree in my garage at the time. 38 years old in this shot. Slim build and fairly brown hair still, what a stud.


The tree is starting to take shape and looks more bonsai like now.


In the spring the tree was potted in a pot I purchased at a drug store. The small drum pot on the companion plant is a pot made by my son. He made lots of pots for me in the 90’s. I wish I had some of them back that I sold when I was into saltwater reef tanks during this time.


In spring of 1994 after the repot it was shown for the first time at a Fresno Bonsai Society exhibit at Fresno city College, the last time we would exhibit there. Right after this exhibit I would also join Hanford Bonsai Society as well as Akatsuki, a Japanese driven club in which I would end up as President.


I purchased my current home in 1997 and moved there with the Hinoki in tow. By now two of the trunks had died and I was left with just the large one. I totally jinned the other two and this tree would live for another couple of years and then fried to death in the harsh Fresno heat.



3 responses to “Throwback Thursday – Hinoki Cypress

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  1. Until I got to the bottom of the page (for the obituary) I was thinking: “Wow! Al must have been doing something I don’t know, “cause I could not keep Hinoki alive in Fresburg!” I feel a little better now…

    • Thats the beauty of Throwback Thursday, it gives me a chance to go back and look at pictures I havn’t seen for a while. All these are scans since they are printed pictures, and most of what I post in this series is usually dead. I think it is good to see ones growth thru the years and how ones style changes. If you could see my backyard right now you would see a lot of similarities in how I style my trees. They all look alot alike. Maybe I need to stop listening to so much of the “blues’ when I work on trees?

  2. You can keep a Hinoki alive in hundred degree weather – but it has to be grafted to stronger rootstock, like arbor vitae for example.

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