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The year was 1993, my son was a junior in high school when he took ceramics for the first time. He came home with terms like “wedging clay’ “the slab roller” “bending cones”  I began to wonder just what kind of class this was? I knew nothing about how to make a ceramic pot and when my son first mentioned it I was a little skeptical. I remember my first projects in grammar school and playing with clay and the multitude of “ash trays” all the school chums made.

He told me he was going to make me some pots…..I said uh huh…

He did make me some pots. They were damn good too. In all he made me about twelve pots. Some were very large like the blueish one in the photo below. It was about 22 inches wide and about three inches tall. Nice pot and I wish I had all of them back. Many of them were sold with the tree in them.

This is the largest one. It had a glaze on it that looked like metal and was mottled colors of blue and green. I put this elm group in it.


He made this drum pot. I did not own a drum pot of this quality. I could not figure out how he made the rows of nail heads so well and made the small pyramids of nail heads at the quarters. The nail heads were also of a different color clay. Of all the pots he made I wish I had this one back for sure. The tree…not so much….


This pot was glazed in this white color. It is the only pot I have from his high school days. I cherish this one and will try my hardest to never let this one get away. It houses my Wizard of Oz tree that was started from seed by Ed Clark in 1981.


I have a lot of pots in the attic of my garage and have not looked in those boxes for a long time. I need to check them out, there just may be a shohin sized pot from my son in there. Now wouldn’t that be just peachy.


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  1. Damn, he made some nice stuff. Has your son completely retired from bonsai pottery?

  2. My son now lives in Oregon, he is an acomplished guitarist and has sold many CD’s to the European crowd, he is a very accomplished pencil artist and loves fixing up muscle cars. He has three sons and a step daughter and they all ride quads and jet skis and all the kids recieved guns for Christmas this year. They have all went thru their safety courses and they have a great target range on their property. I will be seeing my son and his family later this fall when we are on our way up for the Artisans Cup in Portland. He tells me in the back of his property where there are hils and a stream, there are these gnarly myrtles growing there. He says they look like bonsai trees. I can’t wait to see them.

  3. pots. they are a wonderful, yet irritating thing about this hobby- to me at least. my bonsai buddy who got me into this had a retail shop for a while, and could get royola pacific stuff at cost. that was great. but he sold his shop and now i’m back in the wilderness. pots are so damn pricey. i’ve ended up buying dishes and utilitarian pottery from thrift stores and drilling drainage holes in them. id like to investigate making my own pots though. there are a few shops around that specialize in letting people throw their own stuff then they’ll fire it for you. i might try this.

  4. A blog full of info and heart warmers…thanks for sharing.

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